WordPress Plugins | What Are They? Best Tips and Traps to Avoid

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

From WordPress.org:

Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. The core of WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight, to maximize flexibility and minimize code bloat. Plugins then offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs.

Years before WordPress existed if you wanted to add functionality to your site you had to code it or hire a coder to develop the code to add to your site. It was time-consuming and costly.

Now, developers create using PHP programming language and package it in files to create a plugin, which will easily integrate into your WordPress site. This software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website to extend functionality for your site, user, or reader use by adding features to enhance your site.

There are thousands of plugins available for free to download at the official WordPress plugin directory. You may also purchase a one-time license or a subscription license for premium plugins.

Normally free plugins do not come with tech support while premium plugins normally do.

You will hear that having too many plugins will make your site slow and sluggy but this is not true. You want QUALITY plugins that are well coded and kept up to date.

Looking at plugins is like a kid in a candy store but you really need to control your enthusiasm when it comes to plugins. PLEASE ask the group for the best plugin to use for your site. A lot of times one plugin will do the work of two or more.

You will be able to extend the flexibility of your WordPress site using plugins. Plugins are a package of code that you install to your site by uploading a .zip file.

There are THOUSANDS of plugins available that are free and premium available to you.

In the upcoming lessons are plugins within each CATEGORY that I recommend that you install on your site that is the CORE that I feel every WordPress site should have.

There are others that you may need that differ from the needs of other bloggers and we can address those in the Facebook group if needed.

With each category, there could be a few hundred for your consideration. I will recommend the top in each category used by other bloggers and you can decide which you want to install for your site.

WordPress Plugins

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