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Hello and welcome to Blueprint to Blogging.

For years I used this domain to house my online courses to help others create a successful online business. Life happened (aka divorce) and I allowed the courses to collect dust and the domain expired.

Now, I am back with the same domain name and pulling my tutorials to this site for you to enjoy for FREE.

I am updating the articles and posting once they are ready and below are the steps to set you your new online business.

Questions? Use the contact form to reach out to me.

Start Here Page

Legal and Finance

Bank Accounts, Payment Gateways, and More

Creating a Budget for Your Blog

Getting Started With WordPress

Domain Names | What Are They and How to Select One

WordPress Hosting | The Good, The Bad… and the Really Ugly

WordPress Themes | Which is the Best for Your Needs

WordPress Plugins, What Are They? Best Tips and Traps to Avoid

WordPress Page vs Post, Which to Use

Start Here Page

Crafting a Custom 404 Page

How to Set Up Your Contact Page

Creating Content

Anatomy of a Blog Post

Categories vs. Tags

Type of Links

Monetizing Your Blog

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Ad Networks | What Are They and How Can You Profit?

Tools For Success

Blogging Toolbox

Virtual Assistants | When (and How) to Find One

How to Start a Blog