Start Here Page

Start Here Page

Start Here Page

A neglected page is a START HERE page. (GUILTY!!!)

Bloggers either don’t have one or they have one they do not maintain.

Ideally, a start page should be in your top pages visited on your site.

Your start here page differs from your about page as it should be instructional on how to navigate your site (some folks confuse the two and combine them into one or make them read very similar). By showing visitors how to use your site they are typically going to stay on your site longer. When they stay on your site longer this helps decrease your bounce rate, improve your organic rankings, and increase your page views. (You will learn more about these terms later if you are not sure what I am referring to.)

Don’t stress if you do not have a lot of content for your site developed yet, just remember to add the items suggested below as they are developed.

Displaying Your Start Here Page

Your “start here” page should be prominent on your site and you can make it easy to find for your readers by placing it in your main navigation menu. You can also add it in your sidebar as part of your bio, create a cute graphic, or use a text widget with a link to your start here page.

What to Include on Your Start Here Page

Give a brief synopsis about what your site is about, what problems you solve, how you can help visitors, etc. Once you have your lead-in paragraph you can make smaller paragraphs with lists which include:

  • A welcome video
  • Links to pages, posts, categories, or tags (we will get into categories and tags in a bit)
  • Showcase your most popular posts (if you don’t have any yet then highlight your five favorite posts and call them your most popular)
  • Reference your social media links to follow your accounts. If you have a Facebook GROUP then encourage them to join the group to network with others who may have similar interests.
  • How to subscribe to your newsletter (and if you are building a subscription page, a link to it too)

Start Here Page

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