How to Set Up Your Contact Page

Contact Page

Contact Page

A contact page is often overlooked by a lot of bloggers. Honestly, the thought of how many times I have visited a blog I wanted to contact and there is not a page makes me cringe! I start to think about all those opportunities that blogger is probably missing out with. Please don’t be this blogger.

For years I told my clients to NEVER use their email address on their CONTACT PAGE and to always use a form due to spam. Well, when my client niche shifted to bloggers who had media and PR companies wanting to contact them, that opinion changed. {Plus we don’t see that as much anymore like we used to.}

Most PR agencies will scour the internet to prep for an upcoming project and cut/paste the email addresses into their contact manager to use for a later date. If you have a contact form, they will probably close out their window and move on to the next blogger.

Suggested items for your contact page:

  1. Your photo, your logo, or both! You can never have your brand or your face plastered all over so people will remember your site and you.
  2. Name of the site and your city/state: This will help visitors find you who may be looking for a “local” blogger to work with. If you have a PO Box or “virtual office” include this address too. But be sure to tell people not to send items there if you don’t want them to.
  3. Contact email(s): On most of my sites I give people options of which email address to use {and cross my fingers they pick the appropriate one!}. The reason is that I use a filter in Outlook to keep my emails sorted based on the topic of the email. Examples I have are PR@, MediaNetwork@, Reviews@, and Sponsors@.
  4. How / when you return messages: An example of this would be “Thank you for your interest in contacting me and I will answer your email within 24 business hours.”
  5. Social media: Create a list of all your accounts and link them up for your visitors to have another way to find your social media accounts.
  6. Contact form: Your form should include these REQUIRED fields 1) name, 2) company, 3) email address, 4) reason for inquiry and then consider adding these as optional 1) phone, 2) address, 3) website. With some plugins, you can set up an autoresponder so you may want to double-check the one you are using and make sure you have a kick-butt auto-reply!

Once you have set up your CONTACT PAGE, be sure to add the link where it can be seen such as your primary navigation bar, sidebar widget, and/or your footer.

Contact Page

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