Domain Names | What Are They and How to Select One

Domain Names

Domain Names

What is a Domain Name

Think of your domain as your street address – it’s where visitors know to find you. Your host (which we will cover in the next lesson) is considered your home that houses all your belongings (the files associated with your blog).

Your domain name will also be called your URL, which stands for uniform resource locator. (URL is easier… right?!)

Once you have identified your “brand” and the domain name you wish to use to promote it, you are ready to purchase your domain. Only one person can own a specific domain name at one time, although the extension can be different such as .com, .net., .info. If you do not wish to purchase all the extensions it is possible somebody can come in behind you and snag them up for their own use.

I used to buy the bundle of all the extensions and hold for a few years until I determined if the domain was a viable business for me. (But… I used to own over 1,000 domain names so I would buy, build-out, see if the business would make me money, assess, and dump domains I didn’t need after a year or two.)

How to Choose a Doman Name

Tips for selecting your domain name:

  • Try to avoid using numbers, e.g., Blueprint 2 Blogging, unless you purchase both and redirect the numerical domain to the other one
  • Keep it as short as possible in character length and with as few words as possible
  • While not a major factor as it used to be, try to build your focus keywords into your domain name

Where to Buy Domain Names

You have several options for purchasing your domain name. What I recommend that you DO NOT do is buy through your host or Google domains (aka Enom). I could write a book on the why but I won’t, just trust me that these options may cost you more money, give you a lot of frustration, and possibly lose your domain name if not managed well.

There are only two domain registrars that I personally recommend,

GoDaddy (for domain registration – NOT FOR HOSTING!!!) and

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost

Domain Names

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