Crafting a Custom 404 Page

Crafting a Custom 404 Page

Broken links happen. Whether from internal links on your site leading from one post to another or from another site that has listed your link(s) on their site, they happen. Normally it’s when you change your permalinks, delete posts that are no longer relevant to your site, or images that have been removed.

Having a custom 404 aka not found page is important for your site as if someone visits and doesn’t find what they came for they will probably leave. When they abruptly leave there is the potential of them increasing your bounce rate and damaging your rankings in the SERPs.

Keep readers on your site by offering them suggestions on how to find what they are looking for and/or links that might be of interest to them. Creating a custom 404 page doesn’t take a lot of time and the benefit could potentially be great for your site.

Options are:

  • Ask your designer to create a custom 404 page for you. While this is a great option you may have to pay your designer to develop this for you and then again for any changes down the road.
  • If you are running a StudioPress Genesis framework, you can use Genesis 404 Page.
  • Check to see if your theme options offer a custom 404 builder as part of the theme.
  • Search the plugin page to find Custom 404 page builders

Above is a sample of my custom 404 page for this site. I am sure many of you are way more creative than me so have fun with yours by adding:

  • Search bar
  • Links to categories, top links, your start here page, etc.
  • Fun images or create a meme for the not found page
  • How about a welcome video
  • Drop your social profile links
  • Great place to an opt in for your newsletter
  • … get creative!

Drop your new page in the Facebook group for us to check out!!!

Crafting a Custom 404 Page

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